Why is Temecula the Home of So Many Wineries?

Discover why Temecula Valley has become home to so many wineries and why it's different from other wine regions.

Why is Temecula the Home of So Many Wineries?

When Europeans first settled in the Temecula Valley, they noticed that the climate was similar to that of Italy and France. This inspired them to start planting their own vines, and in the late 1960s, the Cilurzos planted the first commercial vineyard in the region. This marked the beginning of the wine industry in Temecula. The hospitality scene in Temecula is quite impressive.

Most wineries offer large tasting areas with views of the valley, and about half a dozen wineries provide accommodations for guests. Additionally, nearly a dozen wineries have restaurants on their property. The wineries in Temecula have a sense of camaraderie and support each other, rather than competing with one another. In order to combat the mockery that has been directed at the 33,000 acre American wine area of Temecula Valley, five wineries have joined forces.

The ordinances that preserve the Temecula wine region are quite different from most other wine regions, as they allow for restaurants, accommodations and live events at the wineries. South Coast Winery is one of the most well-known wineries in Temecula. It was founded by Jim Carter in 1981 when he bought the property.

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